UCSC Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

Program Website: http://wiseucsc.wixsite.com/wise

Contact: wiseucsc@gmail.com

Target Audience: various as described below

Applicable to: all departments in PBSci and BSOE; ENVS

Program Description:

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) is an organization run by graduate students, which welcomes the participation of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

The overarching goal of WiSE is to advance women in the STEM fields both in percentage and position, in the face of historical, present, and future challenges. To achieve this goal, WiSE uses a strategy of recruitment and retention: we seek to increase the participation of women in the STEM fields, as well as to enable the advancement and success of women in these fields. WiSE encourages its members to engage in mentorship, networking, and outreach, as well as seminars and discussions to further learning.

WiSE activities include:

  • Coffee hours, workshops, and luncheons on professional development topics particularly of interest to women in STEM. These events target UCSC graduate students, undergraduates, postdocs, staff, and faculty of either gender in STEM.
    • Coffee hours: informal 1-2 hour venues for members to learn and discuss topics. Examples include “Gender Bias in Science”, “Voice Projection,” and “Imposter Syndrome.”
    • Workshops: typically 2-4 hour events that feature experts teaching professional development skills. Examples include “Improvisation for Communication Skills,” “Math Anxiety for STEM Instructors,” and “Leadership.”
    • Luncheons: 2 hour events featuring a panel to discuss topics such as “A Richer Life: Academic Careers and Family,” and “Careers in Science Administration.”  

  • Outreach to local K-12 schools with fun hands-on activities such as liquid nitrogen ice cream and experiments in ocean acidification.  

How Researchers Can Contribute:

  • Lead, organize, and/or fund a professional development workshop or coffee hour.
  • Encourage your graduate and/or undergraduate students to participate in WiSE outreach activities.
  • Develop activities and kits related to your research for WiSE outreach to K-12 schools.

In the News:

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