Teaching Resources

Diversity Resources (UCSC and national data, reports on increasing diversity in STEM)

NSF Grant Proposal Guide (Link)

Resources for planning Broader Impacts activities:

  • Menu of BI Options for UCSC Researchers. (Link) [Check out this quick introduction to the BI Office and most BI partners at UCSC as a starting point for planning your BI statement and activities.]
  • The Oceanography Society and COSEE.  2006. “Education and Public Outreach: A Guide for Scientists.” (Link)  
  • COSEE NOW. Broader Impacts Wizard and video. (Link)
  • UC Berkeley Research Development Office. Suggestions for developing a BI plan. (Link)

Changes to NSF Broader Impacts Criterion (Jan 2013):

  • NSF. 2013. Grant Proposal Guide Summary of Changes in Jan 2013. (Link)
  • Frodeman, Robert, J. Britt Holbrook, Patricia S. Bourexis, Susan B. Cook, Laura Diederick, and Richard A. Tankersley. Broader Impacts 2.0: Seeing—and Seizing—the Opportunity. BioScience 63(3):153-154. (Link)
  • Widener, Andrea. 2012. “Broader Impacts, Take Two: Confusion about NSF’S grant requirement leads to revised review criterion.” Chemical and Engineering News. (Link)
  • Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence - Florida. "Broader Impacts 2.0 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Revisions to NSF’s Broader Impacts Criterion." (Link)
  • Markin, Carol M. 2013. "Don't Underestimate NSF's New Grant-Submission Rules." Chronicle of Higher Education. (Link)