Industry Alliances & Technology Commercialization

IATC Strategic Initiative

Beginning in 2016-17, the Office of Research has embarked on the first phase of a new, comprehensive, and integrated approach to supporting our faculty research industry relations/technology transfer.

The prior Office of Management of Intellectual Property (OMIP) is now part of a larger vision, the office of Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization (IATC).

In the summer of 2016, Mohamed Abousalem joined the Office of Research as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for IATC. In this role, Dr. Abousalem oversees a new portfolio of reorganized technology transfer services, including IP Management & Licensing, Industry Alliances, and Entrepreneurship support.

Reorganization and Reforms

  • Separation of IP generation and patent prosecution on the one hand, and IP licensing and technology transfer on the other into distinct process flows under dedicated area directors;
  • The creation of a Patent Advisory Committee to advise on the patent strategy, review disclosures and recommend prosecution; and
  • The adoption of a “Customer Service” culture, whereby the unit will set up its processes and measure its performance with the goal of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, both internally and externally

IATC Vision and Goals

The Office of Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization will accelerate the adoption of innovative UCSC technologies by cultivating strong relationships with industry and other strategic partners. The ultimate goal is to create strong UCSC-industry relationships that will enable UCSC to become a formidable contributor to building sustainable economic wealth for California.

  1. Increase the number of new high-caliber UCSC invention disclosures and patent filings in strategic research areas
  2. Increase UCSC revenue from industry sponsored research and IP licensing
  3. Accelerate the commercialization of UCSC-research-based innovation
  4. Enhance UCSC linkages with industry to benefit student and faculty opportunities

The new organization and related processes are being launched in phases, in a manner that is thoughtful, deliberate, and careful to ensure quality and delivery.