Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

UC Santa Cruz is dedicated to the human care and use of live vertebrate animals research and teaching, as well as protecting the rights of the individuals who report animal welfare concerns.

If possible, animal concerns should be discussed first with the Principal Investigator, research staff, and/or animal health technicians and managers. If the issue cannot be discussed or resolved with these individuals or concerns persist, you may report the animal welfare concern to or (831) 459-3150 and the concern will be forwarded to the IACUC chair.

Please provide the following details, if possible:

  • Description of the incident
  • Whether you witnessed the incident first hand
  • Location of the incident (building name, room number, name of Principal Investigator if this occurred in a laboratory, etc.
  • Date of incident
  • Name(s) of personnel involved in the incident
  • Whether you have reported this incident to anyone else, and if so, what action was taken

Note, you do not have to give your name; however, if you do, it helps us re-contact for further information and we can provide you an update on request. All concerns are investigated by the IACUC/Office of Research Compliance Administration and complainants will not be discriminated against.

If you feel your concerns have not been addressed, you may report through the UCSC whistleblower process: