Research Ramp-Down

Criteria for Essential Personnel

Essential Personnel Approval Form

Laboratory Preparations

Lab Ramp-down Checklist (.doc)

Animal Research Contingency Planning

Travel, Meeting, and Communication


Supply Chain

COVID-19 will have an effect on research related supplies. Laboratories should consider stocking up on consumable supplies, particularly those with a long shelf life. Further, availability of supplies may lag behind the resolution of a health crisis. So, researchers should consider maintaining in their groups supplies of those reagents that can be safely stored in order to assure their availability for the duration of a period of disruption that could last several months.

From recent campus experience, deliveries by Fed-Ex, UPS and other shipping companies can be hindered by limited access to campus. We recommend discussing alternative delivery locations with Shipping and Receiving personnel in the Divisions and/or closely monitor tracking information on orders and be in direct with the shipping company around alternative solutions.

International Research Personnel

Processing of international visas by US Government staff may be delayed. Proactively communicate with the proper UCSC office if facing any upcoming deadlines.

Field Work

Consider delaying all fieldwork involving contacts with multiple people (e.g., any field work in towns, cities and other high population density areas, visits to archives, libraries, museums, public exhibits, art galleries, any in-person polling of the public). 

Work should be suspended in localities that have declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 community spread (for domestic field work) and to international destinations that have been designated by the CDC as having Level 2 Travel Notice or higher ( 

Field work in remote locations with no/limited contact with local population should be allowed to proceed forward with proper review of travel plans. Whenever possible, travel by vehicles (cars, trucks, vans) should be encouraged over travel by public transportation (air, train, bus, etc.). 

UCSC Natural Reserves

New procedures around the UCSC Natural Reserves

Similar procedures are being put in place in other reserves within the UC system. Please check with field site staff prior to continued activities in these locations.