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July 7, 2020

From: Scott Brandt, Vice Chancellor for Research
Subject: Increasing density in research spaces

Dear UCSC Research Community,

The safety of our research community remains our top priority as we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, and at the same time all of us are eager to move forward with the rampup of on-campus research. With all of that in mind and based on the best available information, we are now prepared to move to the next stage of the research recovery process by increasing the allowed density in our lab and studio spaces to one person per 250-300 square feet (with 250 square feet being the absolute minimum). We ask all PIs to take into consideration traffic flow patterns in their research space and make decisions about density based on proper social distancing and pinch points, recognizing that not all spaces will be ideal for maximum densities.

Building committees must update the building plan spreadsheet with the new numbers about how many individuals will be working in each space at a given time to allow facilities to make adjustments to the cleaning and other schedules that might be required to support the increased densities.

PIs must submit amended ramp-up plans only if new individuals will be returning to the laboratory as a result in the change to the density. If you submitted a research ramp-up web form and do not have a link to edit it, please contact Michele Chamberlin at to receive instructions on how to edit your plan.

We have been genuinely pleased with the adherence to the safety guidelines and the respect the community has demonstrated for keeping each other safe. While we are increasing densities, Santa Cruz County and the surrounding areas are experiencing the highest number of positive cases since the pandemic began. Going forward, it will be even more important for all of us to continue following the guidelines and remain prepared for the possibility that we will need to ramp research operations back down should conditions warrant it. 


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Research Resumption Request Forms

UCSC Research Recovery: Planning template | Web form  

UCSC Shared-Use and Recharge Facilities RecoveryPlanning template | Web form

These forms should only be submitted by the Faculty member, Research Scientist or Facility Director that is responsible for the space.

For the category which most closely matches your situation, complete the planning template and associated web form. Note: If you have already submitted a web form and do not have a link to edit it, please contact Michele Chamberlin at to receive instructions on how to edit your request.

Human Subjects Research Recovery: UCSC IRB Guidance | Web form

The UCSC IRB document provides guidance to researchers who wish to conduct in-person human subjects research either on or off campus. Note: All work that can be done remotely must continue to be done remotely.

UCSC Field Work Recovery: Planning template | Web form

Field work is a critical part of research activities on the UCSC campus and due to seasonal variation, critical work can only be done in small windows. Work that requires seasonal measurements can proceed as long as local and state shelter-in-place orders allow for the activity. Please submit the Fieldwork Recovery Plan found in the links below.

If you have already submitted an essential personnel request for field work, it is not required to submit a new form. However, if part of the work requires going into a lab space for supplies or sample preparation, you will need to submit a Research Recovery Form so that we can ascertain all building activity.

Please consider the following when preparing your Field Work Recovery Plan;

  • Transportation to/from the work site needs to be done with a single individual/vehicle, unless the individuals share a household.
  • Communication protocols need to be established between individuals in the field and PI for periodic check-ins.
  • If equipment/supplies/samples are needed from a campus location prior to work, this will need to be scheduled in coordination of on-going activities in a building. Same thing when samples need to be preserved at the end of the day (will need to fill out Research Recovery Form)
  • Consider plan to ensure distancing of at least 6’ while doing field work. In circumstances where proper social distancing is not feasible due to the activity, develop a plan for other methods of mitigation. One special item to consider is wind direction and the need to avoid being down wind of an individual for long periods.

Training Risk Mitigation

UCSC Training Risk Mitigation: Planning information | Web form 

If you need to conduct training activities with students or staff AND these activities cannot be done while maintaining the required 6-feet of separation, you must develop a training plan to be reviewed by the building committee and the Office of Research. Your plan must explain the necessity of conducting the training at this time and why you cannot abide by standard safety guidelines (e.g., physical distancing, use of PPE, personnel density). You will also need to provide risk mitigation measures for specific instances where you are not able to meet standard safety guidelines.

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Research Resumption Resources/Safety Guidelines

Research Ramp-Up Checklist

COVID-19 Disinfection Guidance

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