Entrepreneurship Programs & Services

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The Office of Research supports faculty & student entrepreneurs through:

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED), hosted by the Graduate Division, leads IDEA Hub, a campus-wide initiative to facilitate hands-on learning for social and creative student entrepreneurship at UC Santa Cruz.

The Office of Research provides support for the Art Division's Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) program, which is placing underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in internships in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other California regions.

The Office of Research is also supporting the Santa Cruz Works Accelerator, a technology startup accelerator that aims to support early-stage startups to achieve viability in Santa Cruz County.

The Office of Research supports Angels By the Sea to offer Startup Sandbox, a technology startup incubator that helps early-stage technology startups productize their technology.

UCSC Office of Research has recently launched SVLink, a startup company incubator and accelerator in our Silicon Valley Campus. 

Proof of Concept

Springboard Grant Program is funding intended to assist promising UCSC Social Sciences and Humanities projects bring innovative research concepts, ideas, methodologies, and technologies to practice in the local and regional communities.

By supporting early-stage innovation at the cusp of commercialization, the Launchpad Proof-of-Concept Grant Program is intended to assist promising UCSC technologies to become commercially viable.   

With support from the Office of Research, the GameGO fellowship program assists seniors in Art and Design: Games and Playable Media in finalizing their games for commercialization on popular publishing platforms.