Entrepreneurship Programs & Services

The Office of Research supports faculty & student entrepreneurs through:


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED), hosted by the Graduate Division is a very good place to start. Check back here in future for additional information.

The Office of Research is supporting Santa Cruz Works to offer Santa Cruz Accelerates, a technology startup accelerator that aims to support early-stage startups to achieve viability in Santa Cruz County.


The Office of Research is supporting Angels By the Sea to offer Startup Sandbox, a technology startup incubator that helps early-stage technology startups productize their technology.

We are also establishing SVLink, a startup incubator and accelerator in our Silicon Valley Campus. Come back soon for more information about SVLink.

Proof of Concept

Second Round of Launchpad Grant Funding Now Open!

We support early-stage innovation at the cusp of commercialization with proof-of-concept grants. The Launchpad Program is intended to assist promising UCSC technologies in achieving completion and commercial success. Learn more.