Office of Research IATC Awards $30K to Two UCSC Technology Projects

November 13, 2017

Jin Zhang
Hartmut Sadrozinski
Abraham Seiden
Nicolo Cartiglia

The UCSC Industry Alliances & Technology Commercialization (IATC) Office is pleased to announce the 2017 Launchpad Proof-of-Concept Grant award winners. Launchpad is one of seven innovation and entrepreneurship support programs under IATC's SPLICE program. Launchpad assists promising UCSC technologies in becoming commercially viable. In October, 2017, two innovative proposals were selected to receive a $15,000 award each, amounting to $30,000 for each project when combined with funds matched from external sources. 

Congratulations to the project leads of the 2017 Launchpad grant awards:

Bioconjugated Hollow Gold Nanospheres (b-HGNs) for Oral Cancer Imaging and Photothermal Therapy (PTT)
Principal investigator: Jin Z Zhang
This project from Jin's lab deals with the in vivo testing of targeted hollow gold nanospheres (HGNs), particularly in cancer models. The main comercial value of this technology is a highly efficient cancer imaging and treatment modality with little-to-no side effects for the patient, compared to existing methods such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The reason for this is that the HGNs are made from gold and thus are very low in toxicity. The light used for activating the HGNs is harmless to normal tissue.

Development of AC-coupled Ultra-fast Silicon Detectors (AC-UFSD)
Principal investigators: Hartmut Sadrozinski, Abraham Seiden and Nicolo Cartiglia
This project, developed and tested in the SCIPP labs, involves the production of silicon detectors with a radical simplification of the design that eliminates sensor gaps, leading to improved performance and a drastically reduced fabrication cost. Silicon detectors are at the heart of very large particle detectors such as the Large Hadron Colllider (LHC) in Geneva Switzerland and also smaller instruments in medical applications, for example the Proton CT Scanner, developed at UC Santa Cruz.

 Keep on the lookout!

- the next call for Launchpad proposals
will open in December 2017
for awarding in March 2018 -

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