What is the UC Intellectual Property Policy and what are my rights and obligations?

How do I disclose my invention?

Complete this UCSC Invention Disclosure Form and someone from the Office of Innovation Transfer will contact you to schedule time for a discussion.

What does patent prosecution mean and how long does it take?

Patent prosecution is the process of drafting, filing, and negotiating with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the grant of a patent.  Patent prosecution is different from patent litigation; the latter relates to legal proceedings for infringement of a patent after it is granted.  

  • Patent Prosecution Options (this resource is under development)

How do I handle intellectual property matters related to my consulting work?

There is a number of UC policies that govern intellectual property protocol in relation to professional engagement with outside entities.  Check out the material listed below and if you still have questions, contact the UCSC Office of Innovation Transfer for a conversation.

What technologies are available from University of California?

Check out the list of technologies available from University of California:

Who do I contact with IP related questions?

Please call or email the UCSC Office of Innovation Transfer:

Tel: 831.459.5415
Fax: 831.459.1658