Inventor Recognition Program

The UC Santa Cruz Office of Research has created the Inventor Recognition Program (IRP) to acknowledge researchers on a quarterly basis for their U.S. patent awards and to showcase the groundbreaking research that is conducted on the UCSC campus every day. Launched in December 2016, the IRP is meant to recognize the hard work of UCSC faculty, students, and staff and to help them realize the value of their inventions by commercializing their inventions and discoveries.

April to June 2017 IRP Award Winners

Bambam: Parallel Comparative Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data (two patents)

Photo of David Haussler
David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

Title: David Haussler, Distinguished Professor, Biomolecular Engineering and Scientific Director, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

Department: Biomolecular Engineering, Genomics Institute

The purpose of the inventions encompassed by these two patents is to more efficiently compare biological sequences from two distinct samples. The analysis of biological sequence information usually involves the manipulation of enormous data files, which in turn results in long processing times to generate a meaningful comparison between the biological sequences. The inventions described in these two patents provides a more efficient way to compare biological sequences from distinct samples from a patient (e.g. normal tissue vs. tumor tissue) and generate patient-specific treatment instructions based on those sequences. The 9,646,134 patent concerns genomic information while the 9,652,587 patent also encompasses proteomic and transcriptomic information.

Segmented AC-Coupled Readout From Continuous Collection Electrodes in Semiconductor Sensor

An archived photo of Hartmut Sadrozinski and Abe Seiden
Abe Seiden and Hartmut Sadrozinski from the SCIPP archives

Names & Titles: Hartmut Sadrozinski (Research Physicist and Adjunct Professor), Abraham Seiden, (Research Professor), and Nicolo Cartiglia (Research Associate)

Hartmut Sadrozinski (Research Physicist and Adjunct Professor) and Abraham Seiden (Research Professor)
Hartmut Sadrozinski and Abraham Seiden, Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics
Department: Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP) and UC Santa Cruz Physics Department
Nicolo Cartiglia, Research Associate
Nicolo Cartiglia, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP)

Semiconductor sensors have an ubiquitous and necessary implementation in a number of important applications from atomic particle research to medical imaging. This invention provides significant enhancements to these sensors such as stronger imaging for cancer diagnosis and treatment, increased precision for detection in particle accelerators (such as those used to detect the Higgs boson), and has broad commercial potential including for use in drones and autonomous vehicles. The technology radically simplifies the design and delivers improved performance compared to existing ultra fast semiconductor detectors (UFSD), and in doing so substantially cuts costs. The first prototypes were tested at UC Santa Cruz’ SCIPP labs by their undergraduates and subsequent prototypes are now being tailored for use in cancer hospitals and the Large Hadron Collider.

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The IRP is managed by Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Office of Research’s Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization (IATC), Dr. Mohamed Abousalem. 

For more information about the IRP, the honorees, their patents, other campus inventions and discoveries, or IP portfolio management services, please contact the IATC.

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