How We Work With You

Office of Research Development Team

The Office of Research staff is positioned to link campus researchers with extramural research opportunities. We can be contacted via phone, email, or in-person to strategize on upcoming opportunities. We also host regular office-hours, workshops, and other events to demystify research development. Team members serve as liaisons to individual Divisions and collaborate across Divisions, depending on the scope and context of extramural funding opportunities.

Research Development Timelines

Connecting with UCSC RD early in the proposal development process can save valuable time and effort. If you are interested in pursuing a specific initiative or research solicitation, we encourage you to consult with an RD team-member about the scope, strategy, and timeline. For large, complex, multi-investigator or center level proposals, formal red team reviews require even longer lead times.

Proposal Stage Researcher Role RD Role
New solicitation or initiative

Review and consider feasibility of applying

Provide early consultation on scope, team composition, strategy

Decision to submit proposal

Contact OSP, Enter information in Cayuse, Contact RD, Preliminary proposal planning,

Map proposal timeline, provide advice on proposal components, evaluate workload requirements, and define RD level of involvement

Initial proposal draft

Work with research team, OSP, and RD to meet deadlines

Review content and provide feedback

Revised proposal draft

Work with research team, OSP, and RD to meet deadlines

Provide critical review and feedback; convene review panel (depending on scope and schedule)

Proposal submittal

Work with research team, OSP, and RD to meet deadlines

Final quality/competitiveness review

The level of RD’s involvement will be prioritized based on several factors including proposal scope, number of researchers, relationship to Centers of Excellence, timeliness, and UCSC proposal support bandwidth.