Inquiry Magazine

The UCSC Office of Research publishes its Inquiry magazine annually. Click the links below to read current and past issues. An online version of the magazine will be coming in 2017.

inquiry2018.jpgIn the 2018-2019 issue:

  • Beyond the Middle Passage, Intra-American trafficking magnified slavery's impact (page 12)
  • Save the data!, Scholar activisim seeks social and environmental justice (page 18)
  • A three-minute challenge, Competition showcases rgaduate student reesarch (page 21)
  • Cavassing bacterial communities, Targeting biofilms to bust cholera (page 22)
  • A window to the early universe, Witnessing the birth of galaxies (page 28)
  • Detecting human diversity, Variation graphs facilitate genomic discovery (page 29)
  • Viewing lost landscapes, Home movies capture history through a personal lens (page 33)
  • Guided by the light, Stars bring biology into focus (page 37)
  • Crossed currents, Conflicting stress respone may beach marine mammals (page 38)
  • Geoengineering's dilema, What comes first, research or governance (page 40)

20167-2018 Inquiry MagazineIn the 2017-2018 issue:

  • Driving change, Self-driving cars could reshape cities (page 10)
  • Disarming bacteria, Microbiologist searches for next-generation antibiotics (page 14)
  • Art in a climate revolution, Environmental crises call for creative solutions (page 18)
  • Electric avenues, Sea creature studies improve human biosensors (page 19)
  • Genes to go, Genome sequencing leaves the lab (page 23)
  • Camp Dickens, Victorian author unites modern scholars (page 28)
  • Forcing evolution’s hand, When humans build, nature remodels (page 29)
  • Body work, A mathematical quest (page 33)
  • Lessons from teen activists, Youth organizations empower students (page 34)

2016-207 Inquiry MagazineIn the 2016-2017 issue:

  • Tracking toxic tides, Ocean sciences professor forecasts toxic algae events (page 10)
  • Total recall, Do digital footprints alter our relationship to the past? (page 14)
  • Seeing past stereotype, Art historian probes racial dynamics through visual media (page 17)
  • Thinking in tongues, Uncommon language hints at linguistic logic (page 18)
  • Unwinding the clock, Carrie Partch breaks circadian rhythms (page 21)
  • The future of the past, Archaeologists use digital tools to dig into an ancient site (page 24)
  • A lab in the hand, High-tech creates low-cost medical tests (page 26)
  • Following the law, Chronicling politics, religion, and law from Africa to California (page 29)
  • Cloudy with a chance of life, Astrophysicists probe inside distant planets (page 35)


2015-2016 Inquiry MagazineIn the 2015-2016 issue:

  • Age of extinction, Beth Shapiro studies ancient DNA for future conservation (page 10)
  • Engineering independence, Researchers design tools for blind and visually impaired people (page 13)
  • A cold trail, Antarctic ice may hold the clues to climate change (page 16)
  • Just science, The Science and Justice Research Center opens conversations between science and society (page 19)
  • Reforming prisons, Psychology professor Craig Haney takes on solitary confinement (page 22)
  • Border crossings, John Jota Leaños reveals hidden stories with animated documentaries (page 25)
  • The fine art of gaming, Infusing computer games with art, literature, and purpose (page 28)
  • Outsider insights, Three UCSC scholars bring perspectives to the history of China (page 31)
  • The edges of humanities, Nathaniel Deutsch creates connections with the overlooked corners of history (page 34)