Research Development Process

What is Research Development?

Research Development comprises a set of activities designed to enhance faculty research funding productivity.  These activities can be offered as a set of services to research faculty to assist them in their efforts to identify appropriate research opportunities, position themselves to capture grants and contracts, and to assist them with various phases of the proposal preparation process.

Research Development Offices can be found in most if not all research universities, and the other nine UC campuses all have research development capability through their Offices of Research. Over the past few years, most of the campuses have been working to professionalize these services to a greater degree in order to help faculty thrive in an increasingly competitive research landscape.

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What is the Role of the Office of Research Development at UCSC?

  • Align research interests/capabilities with funding opportunities
  • Provide support for early career researchers
  • Enhance research opportunities for UCSC graduate programs
  • Facilitate development of large scale initiatives and new centers
  • Implement a proactive and coordinated RD approach that ensures that proposals are competitive, complete, compliant, timely, and successful.

In 2013-14, UCSC began the “Envision UCSC” strategic planning process.  The year-long, campus wide strategic planning effort resulted in a set of specific goals, and among them was the mandate for a central office of research development.

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For 2016, UCSC now has a central Office of Research Development that will coordinate RD services across the campus.

Research Development Process

If we think of proposal preparation as an arrow, RD activities are front loaded to the pre-proposal and proposal sections; proposal checks and submission are the responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Projects, and post-award administration falls into three “jurisdictions” – divisional research accounting that oversees postaward spending, extramural fund accounting which manages billing and related, and OSP that handles post-award contract and grant revisions.