Award Management

What We Do

  • Review award terms and conditions to ensure compliance with UC Policy.
  • Review and facilitate Award Modifications for items such as, adding additional funds, pre-award costs, no-cost time extensions, carryover of unobligated balances between budget periods, changes in Scope of Work, change of PI, award transfers or terminations.
  • Provide UC Santa Cruz Authorized Signature on documents related to research, training and other sponsored programs.
  • Draft and execute outgoing Subaward Agreements, Agreement Modifications, and assure compliance with Federal monitoring requirements.
  • Provide guidance and answers to questions relating to your proposal, budgeting, award terms and conditions, contract negotiation, and more.
  • Post-Award financial accounting services are provided by Divisional Business Office’s

Cayuse Awards

  • Cayuse is UC Santa Cruz’s electronic grants management system used to process and distribute awards to UCSC’s accounting system.
  • Cayuse tracks project status, award history and associated documents.
  • Allows PI’s and Research Administrators to easily access current and closed award information and documents under the Cayuse “My Awards” and “Awards in my Unit”
  • Contracts & Grants Manual