Award Negotiation & Acceptance

OSP Award Negotiation and Acceptance

OSP reviews, accepts and internally distributes sponsored agreement. A large portion of the contracts and grants received contain standard, pre-negotiated, terms and conditions. For these awards OSP is able to review, accept, and distribute internally without delay.

In some cases, OSP will identify terms and conditions within a sponsors agreement which are outside of campus standard policies and procedures. It is OSP’s responsibility to work with the Sponsor to revise the terms to comply with UC Contract and Grant Policy and reduce undue administrative burden.

The time line associated with the negotiation process will depend on the complexity of the sponsor’s agreement and the responsiveness of the sponsor’s Contract Officer. If the sponsor is unwilling to accept revisions to their terms and conditions, OSP will assess the level of risk associated with the non-standard terms, and collect any approvals needed in order to move forward with the non-standard terms.

The Regents of the University of California is a 501(c)3 Public Educational Institution. In order to insure compliance with this status, there are some contract terms which UC Policy will not allow exceptions.

Once an award is fully executed, an org number is requested from the Divisional Research Accountant (RA) and a fund number is requested from the Extramural Funds Office (EMF).

A fund number may take up to a week for OSP to receive.

Post Award Accounting

Once an award is accepted by OSP and fund and org numbers are assigned, it is released to the PI, RA and EMF. PIs, RAs and the EMF are responsible for reviewing the award documents for a comprehensive understanding of award terms and conditions. The PI is always ultimately responsible for the management of his or her project, and this includes expending the sponsor’s funds according to the sponsor’s requirements and University policy. The RA assists the PI with the day to day management of project funds.  Invoicing and the preparation and submission of financial reports is the responsibility of EMF.

Contact information for post-award research administration:

Extramural Funds Office:

Arts Division Business Office:

Engineering Division Business Office:

Humanities Accounting Manager: Katie Novak - Finance Director -

Physical and Biological Sciences Division:

Social Sciences Division Business Office: