OSP Proposal & Award Information Reporting

Please contact Katy Wisuri, OSP Officer, at kwisuri@ucsc.edu for all OSP reporting requests.

Please send a request with the following information:

  • Date needed
  • Purpose of report
  • Information required. Please be specific.
  • Time period of information needed.

Allow 10 business days for the preparation of your report.

If you need a report that you will use frequently and merely need to refresh the data for future use, we can create a report for you and you can access with an Infoview account. Please complete InfoView Account Application form. The selection for OSP is third from the bottom. You will only need ‘Read Only’ access. Please sign, have your supervisor sign, and return to OSP Director, Kate Aja, for authorization.

If you currently have Infoview ‘Report Writer’ access and would like to write your own OSP reports, we encourage you to do so. Please contact Katy Wisuri for guidance.