Summary of Proposal and Award Analyst Duties

Refer to the Proposal Analyst and OSP Award Officer functions below to determine who can help with your proposal or award. Find your assigned Proposal and Award contacts by your Division/Department.

Proposal Analyst Functions

  • RFP: Assist with clarification of sponsor requirements
  • Cayuse: Review information entered
  • Budget: Create budget and review with budget justification
  • Review proposal: Assure proposal compliance with UC Policy and Sponsor Proposal requirements
  • Cost share: Create cost share budget and prepare internal documentation, if applicable
  • Exception to Policy: Request approval, if applicable
  • Indirect cost waivers: Request approval, if applicable
  • Subawards: When applicable, collect all subaward/Multi-Campus Award (MCA) documents: budget, justification, Scope of work (SOW), Subrecipient/MCA commitment form
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) form(s): Collect before proposal submission, if applicable
  • Approvals: Work with PI to get Cayuse proposal created/routed for internal approvals
  • Certify: Certify on behalf of OSP that PI has provided all OSP required project information and related documentation when required prior to proposal submission.
  • Submit: Submit proposal on behalf of UC Santa Cruz
  • Revise budget: Submit revised budget or additional proposal documents, as required (if prior to OSP receipt of notice of award)

OSP Officer Functions

  • Confirm: Proposal process must be complete prior to OSP award acceptance and distribution
  • Accept/negotiate award: Receive, review, and negotiate, award terms and documents from sponsors
  • Revise budget: If needed to conform with resulting award funding
  • Compliance: Confirm approvals for any IRB/IACUC, COI, cost share or other related policy requirements have been met and documented per OSP standard procedure
  • Request account info: Obtain fund and org numbers from EMF and Research Accountant
  • Process award: Distribute award in Cayuse
  • Provide interpretation: Provide guidance on UC Policy or agency terms and conditions.
  • Prior-authorization approvals: Prepare and submit all required agency requests (budget revisions, PI change, change in SOW). This includes revising the detailed budget to reflect PI’s request
  • No-cost time extensions: Prepare/submit/process requests or notifications
  • Prepare subaward/MCA:  Prepare and sign agreements.
  • Close-out: Confirm technical, financial, property and patent reports have been submitted.
  • Transfers: Assist with awards being transferred to/from UCSC  when a PI changes institutions