OR Units

Office of Research Mission Statement:

“UC Santa Cruz Office of Research supports, fosters, and champions world-class research and academic excellence.”

The terms “supports, fosters, and champions” reflect the way our commitment to UC Santa Cruz research and investigators gets expressed across our different administrative units. Together these terms are meant to express the fact that our mission spans critical support service functions, including various aspects of compliance and administration, as well as more proactive kinds of support, such as research development, IP management and commercialization, and strategic planning around inter divisional work addressing the challenges that face our region, our state, our nation, and our planet.

We support extramurally funded research with service units like the Office Sponsored Projects (OSP), the  Office of Research Compliance and Administration (ORCA) and our business office (ORBO); we foster research with opportunity management and proposal services in the Office of Research Development (ORD); and work to do effective knowledge transfer by means of the Office of Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization (IATC).