James Webb Space Telescope NIRCam Image of the “Cosmic Cliffs” in Carina Nebula

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Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Office of Research, your partner and point of connection to the innovators and changemakers at UC Santa Cruz.

We offer strategic, customized support for a wide range of research needs, including proposal development, compliance and training, and navigating industry relationships. 

We are here to help you advance your work and demonstrate its impact.

Achieving more


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Industry and community partnerships

Tight shot of high tech microscope with LED lights.

The Innovation & Business Engagement Hub facilitates access to faculty expertise, cutting-edge discoveries, and diverse talent to build long-lasting relationships that address your most pressing business needs.

waves breaking on the beach with birds flying in the distance.

The Center for Coastal Climate Resilience (CCCR) leverages its deep expertise in research and policy and practice to help communities adapt to climate change. We are expanding the development of solutions that benefit people and nature.

Research news

Examples of real images of various cell types versus synthetic images produced by the researchers' generative model.

UC Santa Cruz researchers’ tool creates ‘synthetic’ images of cells for enhanced microscopy analysis

Observing individual cells through microscopes can reveal a range of important cell biological phenomena that frequently play a role in human diseases, but distinguishing single cells from each other and their background is time-consuming. UC Santa Cruz researchers have developed a method to help that uses AI assistance.

Students conducting ultrasound/acoustic analyses.

Humanities program provides rewarding research experience—and also crucial career prep

Employing Humanities, funded by the Helen & Will Webster Foundation and the Mellon Foundation, provides undergraduate Humanities Humanities Division majors and minors with the opportunity to work with faculty in paid research opportunities that connect their classroom curriculum with hands-on training.

Earth is at the center of this thin slice of the full DESI map.

First results from DESI make the most precise measurement of our expanding universe

We now have the largest 3-D map of our cosmos ever created, thanks to a powerful instrument mounted atop a telescope in Arizona with a robotic array of 5,000 fiber-optic “eyes” that look into the night sky. A team of UC Santa Cruz astronomers hold crucial roles in the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) international collaboration.

Our annual report

Annual report FY23 cover with shore birds standing next to the ocean

The Office of Research Annual Report highlights the variety of research and creative work happening at UC Santa Cruz. Learn more about our impact on the community, state, and the world.

See some of what happened in FY23.

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Last modified: Jun 06, 2024