Start a Proposal

Any requests for extramural funding must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Projects. The Proposal Administration team is here to help you initiate the internal process.

This form was formerly known as the proposal intake form.

Start your proposal here

  1. Fill out some basic information about your proposal in the online form below. It should take about 5-10 minutes. Don’t worry if all of the details of the proposal aren’t worked out yet–it is better to let us know early that you are planning to submit a proposal, rather than wait until you have every detail finalized.
  2. After the form is submitted, a proposal administrator will review the proposal details and contact you to guide you through the next steps. This may take one to two business days, depending on staff workload and other deadlines.
  3. If you need to submit multiple entries, simply refresh the browser page after each entry is submitted to make an empty form appear.
Last modified: Nov 30, 2023