Did you know you don’t need to log into Cayuse to start a proposal?

The Office of Research utilizes an electronic research administration (eRA) system, the web-based Cayuse Research Suite. This system is used by OSPEMF, the research accounting offices, ORCA, and researchers enabling everyone to access the same information at any time.

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Learn about:

Logging in to Cayuse

Go to and enter your CruzID and Gold password, then select the module you need.

Alternatively, if you only need to use one module, you may use these links to log in to a module directly.

Account and other requests 

Use the Cayuse Request Form to:

  • Request a new Cayuse account
  • Change user information
  • Request addition of a sponsor or subrecipient
  • Add/change Cayuse user roles
  • Add/change units in Cayuse
  • Report a technical problem
  • Ask for other help with Cayuse
  • Proposal Management
    • SP (Sponsored Projects) – Proposal and Award Administration; used by PIs, department chairs, research accountants, etc. to certify proposals for submission; also used by OSP staff
    • 424 – Federal Grant Proposal Submission; used only by OSP staff
  • Research Compliance
    • Human Ethics – Human Subjects Research Studies
    • Animal Oversight (IACUC) – future implementation
    • Outside Interests (COI) – future implementation
Personal information

Some places in Cayuse (e.g., personnel sections of Human Ethics submissions) display information about people. If the name, phone, or organization (department or unit) shown for a person added needs updating, use the Cayuse Request form and choose option “Update User Account”.

  • Name used is the person’s lived nameInstructions for changing lived name.
  • Address is always the address for the main UC Santa Cruz campus.
  • Email has to be the person’s in order to display CITI trainings. If this does not match the email you have for the person, you should confirm with the person what their CruzID is, as they may be using an email alias.
Supported browsers
  • iOS
    • Recent versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
  • Windows
    • Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
    • Provisional support for Microsoft Edge.
    • Note: Cayuse discontinued support for Internet Explorer 10 and older on June 30, 2016.
Last modified: May 29, 2024