Welcome to the Office of Research

About the Office of Research

Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Office of Research. Under leadership of Vice Chancellor for Research, OR has primary responsibility for research policy, planning and administration of the UC Santa Cruz Research enterprise.

Office of Research Mission Statement

“UC Santa Cruz Office of Research supports, fosters, and champions world-class research and academic excellence.”

The terms “supports, fosters, and champions” reflect the way our commitment to UC Santa Cruz research and investigators gets expressed across our different administrative units. Together these terms are meant to express the fact that our mission spans critical support service functions, including various aspects of compliance and administration, as well as more proactive kinds of support, such as research development, strategic planning, and a special commitment to urgent interdisciplinary work addressing the challenges that face our region, our state, our nation, and our planet.

We support extramurally funded research with service units like the Office Sponsored Projects (OSP) and the Office of Research Compliance and Administration (ORCA); we foster research with opportunity management and proposal services and other services designed to enhance research competitiveness; and we champion research and academic excellence by strategic planning efforts, special projects and programs, and by our outreach efforts, and by trying always to be a persuasive voice for the needs and concerns of researchers in all disciplines.

UC Santa Cruz Research

UC Santa Cruz is a home to world-class research. Our researchers are passionate and innovative, and their research is high impact. Across our campus we see examples of UCSC researchers conducting and leading complex inter-institutional scientific research to better understand our changing natural world; we see humanist scholars and artists interpreting our human world in ways that sharpen our understanding of the past, who we are today, and where we may be headed; we see contributions to public policy in all areas of our civil society and public sphere; and we see the development of new technologies to aid and empower people and help us to confront our greatest societal challenges.

I invite you to learn more about our programs by exploring our site, and I welcome an opportunity to hear from you at: vcr@ucsc.edu, or through Kelly Graham, Executive Associate to the Vice Chancellor, at 831-459-2425.