Non-Governmental Agency

The State of California law requires principal investigator and co-principal investigator to disclose their (and their spouses/registered domestic partners and dependent children) financial interest in the sponsor of a research project; the donor of a research gift; and, under certain circumstances, the provider of materials under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) when that sponsor, donor, or provider is a non-governmental source. 

Submitting Conflict of Interest for Research Disclosure Forms

The Office of Sponsored Projects, Office For Management of Intellectual Property, or Gift Administration Contact will prompt you to submit a disclosure when needed (e.g., you are receiving support from a grant, contract or gift for research). If there is a positive disclosure, they will prompt you to send an addendum to ORCA for COI review. A disclosure is required when a proposal is submitted, when additional funding is requested, and when a research gift is granted.

Non-Governmental Agency Forms

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