When to fill out a protocol application

Fill out an UCSC IACUC protocol application if you are a UCSC affiliate (student, staff, or faculty) and you plan to conduct research that will involve animal use, which is defined as any of the following:

  • Contact with living animals
  • The use of animal material or samples, such as blood, scat, etc.
  • Observing animals in the field
  • Altering animal environments

Note: Proposed personnel on IACUC protocol applications must complete the following two requirements: the online CITI training and the Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS) assessment/clearance. Please start these requirements before submitting a protocol application.

What if my research will take place at another institution?

Regardless of where your research will take place, if you are a UCSC affiliate and you plan to conduct research that involves animal use, then you almost always need to fill out a UCSC IACUC application. If you are unsure whether you need approval, please contact the UCSC IACUC prior to initiating animal research at another institution.