Please make sure all personnel have completed personnel requirements before adding to a submission. Specifically, that means finishing CITI training and enrolling and gaining clearance in the OHSS occupational health program.

Do not start any activities or modification requests until final IACUC approval is received.

Learn more about choosing a form and what happens when you submit a form.

Can't access the forms? Email iacuc@ucsc.edu.

Submission Timeline

The time it takes to receive IACUC feedback on your submission depends on the completeness of the submission, the complexity of the research, and the volume of protocols already under review at the time your submission is received. The following are estimates only:
  • Protocols: ~5 weeks
  • Personnel Amendments: ~1 week
  • Amendments: ~2 weeks
  • Annual Updates: ~3 weeks
We recommend allowing ample time for IACUC review and responding promptly to IACUC feedback. Final approval is dependent on your timely and sufficient response to comments. Contact iacuc@ucsc.edu for questions or comments.

Funding Support for Enhanced Animal Welfare and Safety

The Office of Research Compliance oversees animal research on the UCSC campus, including studies that occur in the Campus Biomedical Facilities, Long Marine Lab, in investigator-maintained research programs, and at field sites on the campus and around the world. The Institutional Animal Care Committee will consider modest funding requests to support and improve the welfare of animals that are used in research on the campus. See Funding Support Request for Enhanced Animal Welfare and Safety for more information and to make a request.