Specific Requirements by Funding Agency

NIH, NSF, NASA, Federal

For Principal Investigators with NIH, NSF, or NASA funding please ensure before submitting initial IACUC protocol or proposed amendment that the scope of work, species, numbers, agents and methods for them, procedures, and euthanasia methods are congruent between the grant and application. Note that in general, the grant proposal descriptions will be broad and the IACUC application more specific. See PHS Policy and the NIH Grants Policy Statement for more details.


For Principal Investigators with funding from the Department of Defense, please note that in addition to submitting amendment forms for any changes and getting approval from the IACUC, DOD expects the PI to also submit changes to ACURO for review and approval prior to initiation is stated in the initial approval memo sent to the PI from ACURO upon review and approval of their protocol. See U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command website  for more details.

Verification Letter for Funding Agency

If you need a letter verifying UCSC IACUC approval sent to a funding agency, please email the following information to

  • PI/Co-res names and phone numbers 
  • UCSC IACUC protocol number and title
  • Grant title, if different from above, and grant number
  • The UCSC Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Cayuse # of the grant (available from your OSP analyst

If you would like to have the verification letter submitted via email, please include the address of the funding agency, including a contact name. Please be aware that all conditions of approval must be met before a letter can be written.