Award Management

PIs should understand their award type, terms and conditions, and what actions must be taken during the life of the award to ensure compliance with the funder and UCOP policy. Many of these specific details can be found in the award letter and/or on the sponsor’s website. Below is general information on award types and award actions. More information on the complete life cycle of grants

Types of funding

There are several different types of external funding that a PI may receive and each type of funding has its own restrictions and terms that a PI should be aware of.

Learn more about the different types of funding.

Budget revisions

A sponsor may request a revised detailed budget from a PI during the proposal review process  or before a new increment is released due to a change in total budget amount available (usually for NSF or DOE proposals). A PI’s response to these requests must be reviewed and submitted to the sponsor by OSP. If a PI receives such a request, reach out to the Proposal Administration team for pre-award requests, or to their assigned OSP grants officer.

Prior approvals

Award terms will dictate if prior approval from the sponsor is required for certain deviations from the original proposal plan. These actions may include reduction in PI effort, changes in key personnel, budget category changes, or changes in the scope of work. PIs should review their award terms to determine if proposed changes require prior approval, and work with their OSP contract & grant officer to request sponsor approval in advance if such a change is needed.

Progress reports

Most funders require some form of technical/narrative progress reporting over the life of a project. PIs are responsible for timely and accurate reporting to funders on the project’s progress. Many funders allow PIs to submit technical/narrative progress reports directly, either via their sponsor portal or by email. PIs should work with their unit/divisional research accountant to respond to progress report questions on spending and effort. When reports are delayed, funders may withhold future funding increments for the PI or withhold awards for the entire institution. OSP will contact PIs if they are aware a PI is out of compliance with a sponsor’s reporting deadline. 

Federal sponsors primarily use the Research Performance Progress Report  (RPPR) for progress reporting. Reporting instructions for common sponsors:

The Extramural Funds Office is responsible for all detailed financial reporting to funders.

Carryforward requests

The carryforward of a project’s remaining unspent funds (also called unobligated funds) into the next budget year may either be automatic or may require the sponsor’s prior approval, depending on the sponsor and award type. If a sponsor requires prior approval for carryforward, these requests must be reviewed, approved, and submitted to the sponsor by OSP. A PI should contact their OSP contract & grant officer to discuss this process.

No cost time extension requests

Request a no cost time extension on a grant.

Award closeout

Learn about the award closeout process.

Last modified: May 02, 2024