Cayuse Proposal Management

The Office of Research utilizes the web-based product Cayuse. This system is commonly shared between OSP, EMF, the research accounting offices, and ORCA enabling everyone to access the same information at any time. The system provides faculty and administrators proposal history, award management, budget questions, and file updates. You have access to the information you need, when you need it.

There are two modules of importance for proposal management within Cayuse: SP and 424.

  • Cayuse SP is the proposal and award administration module that is used to compile internal information for proposals, electronically route for approval, monitor proposal status, and release/manage the resulting awards. Use SP for viewing your granting history, answering questions from the accounting offices on your existing awards, and initiating proposals in coordination with your OSP representative.
  • Cayuse 424 is the module through which most federal grant proposals can be created, reviewed for adherence to sponsor requirements, and then electronically submitted by OSP. The 424 module is connected directly with, so applications travel quickly and smoothly to your specific Federal agency.

To access Cayuse, go to and enter your UCSC CruzID and Gold Password. If you do not have a Cayuse account, use the Cayuse Request form and select the option "Create User Account" to request one.

Resources to Assist with Cayuse: