Proposal Preparation & Submission

What We Do:

  • Review, approve and facilitate submission of all proposals to federal and non-federal sponsors;
  • Assist in creating detailed project budgets and completing sponsor specific budget forms.
  • Provide University of California, Santa Cruz signature on Proposal submissions and related documents;
  • Provide guidance and answers to questions relating to proposal submissions, budgeting and other proposal compliance questions;

What You Need To Know:

  • Contact OSP with a request here
  • Starting a Cayuse proposal;
    • Log in here
    • Click the link for "Cayuse SP"
    • From the dashboard, click "Start New Proposal"
    • Complete the following sections; General Information (saving here brings up the rest of the sections), Investigators/Research Team, Regulatory Compliance, Subcontractors, Export Control, Intellectual Property, Location of Sponsored Activities, Proposal Abstract.
    • Once these sections are done, inform your OSP representative.
  • Budgeting a Proposal

Cayuse Proposal Submission System:

  • All proposal, project renewal, supplemental funding submissions must be submitted to OSP using Cayuse.
  • Cayuse electronically collects internally required proposal data, PI certification, Departmental, Divisional and OSP approvals.
  • Cayuse allows direct “system to system” submission of all SF424 ( submissions.
  • Tracks PI’s proposal history and status under the Cayuse “My Proposals” tab

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