Proposal Preparation & Submission

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What We Do:

  • Review, approve and facilitate submission of all proposals to federal and non-federal sponsors;
  • Assist in creating detailed project budgets and completing sponsor specific budget forms.
  • Provide University of California, Santa Cruz signature on proposal submissions and related documents;
  • Provide guidance and answers to questions relating to proposal submissions, budgeting and other proposal compliance questions.

Getting Your Proposal Started:

Cayuse Proposal Submission System:

  • All proposal, project renewal, supplemental funding submissions must be submitted to OSP using Cayuse.
  • Cayuse electronically collects internally required proposal data, PI certification, Departmental, Divisional and OSP approvals.
  • Cayuse allows direct “system to system” submission of all SF424 ( submissions.
  • Tracks PI’s proposal history and status under the Cayuse “My Proposals” tab

UC Requirement to submit all proposals and to receive all awards for grants and contracts through OSP:

In a letter dated 3/15/2021 from Vice Chancellor Scott Brandt, the campus will decline any grant or contract for extramural funding where the proposal was submitted other than via OSP.

Exceptions: Per UCOP policy, “Exceptions to the requirement to submit proposals and awards through the University may be granted by Chancellors in unusual circumstances on a case by case basis … when it is in the best interest of the University.”  Exception requests must be submitted online by the PI or, in the case of student fellowships, the advisor, via the Exception to UCSC Proposal Authorization Policy Request form for approval by the Dean, VCR, and Chancellor.

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